Why Long Distance Medical Transports Can Be A Nightmare

When you have a friend or loved one who needs to be transported a great distance, it can be a difficult feat. Money is always a concern. In an attempt to save money, many people try to take on the transportation themselves. An elderly person is considered anyone over 60 years of age, who is disabled or has medical problems that leave them unable to drive or adequately fend for themselves. With limited mobility, getting a person that’s medical fragile in and out of a vehicle alone can cause great problems. Transporting elderly patients out of state is not easy, but still many try to go it alone.

Why You Shouldn’t Make Long Distance Medical Transports By Yourself

If you attempt to transport a medical patient yourself, you should know that in the event of an emergency, you are probably not trained nor have the equipment to handle the situation. The more severe the disability, the more difficult it is to transport this person. Take for instance someone who is in a wheelchair, a common car or van doesn’t have the setup to get them comfortably in and out. This will require that someone lift them into place. Most people are “dead weight” when they have no ability to help you move them around. Long distance medical transport cost much less than what you think. Remember, a professional is at the wheel and has your loved one in good hands.

Another thing to take into consideration is the space factor. A traditional car’s seat is not going to be comfortable for a person who has medical problems. You cannot fit a hospital bed into a car. Though it might fit into a mini-van; it would be a tight fit and not allow room for the patient. So, you’re left with traditional seats or a mattress in the back of a van.

Transporting disabled long distances requires special accommodations that the typical vehicle doesn’t have. There are all sorts of scenarios where this trip can go badly. Remember, the elderly have bones that will snap and break very easy. Just moving them the smallest bit can be a broken hip.

Still, despite the problems with transport, many people attempt to make the journey to save money. If the distance is great, a hotel will no doubt be required at some point on the trip. People don’t usually think about things like:

*Shots/ Insulin Injections
*Food/Special Food Preparations
*Sleeping Conditions
*Overall Comfort
*Blog Clots and Other Problems From Sitting
*Emptying Colostomy Bags or Catheters

in most cases, an elderly person is being transported either to a nursing facility or a hospital. Along the way, there will be many requirements. If you stop to go to the bathroom, what will you do with the person while you are inside? The person can become frightened if they are unaware of their surroundings. Also, a very real risk is that the patient can deteriorate along the journey. Blood clots are a common occurrence in long trips too. A weak heart might not be able to take the journey either. What if they need oxygen and you run out? You need to stop and think every single step through before putting a patient in harm’s way.

Calling a Cheap Medical Transport Company

There are numerous companies who offer rock bottom prices to haul the elderly from one point to another. These places are usually not going to have any fancy medical equipment, but they will have a cargo van that can haul the patient. While it may seem like the answer, they too can present a nightmare. While they often have bigger spaces than your car, they still don’t have adequate room for the patient. If they bring along 2 drivers, there is no one there to care for the patient. They will focus the bulk of their attention on the roadways, and the patient will be left to fend for themselves. Most of the time these are not trained medical professionals, just professional drivers.

Many family members want to travel along with the patient, but oftentimes there is no room or not a comfortable space to sit. Another issue that people run into is not finding a company that can guarantee a specific date. They often work off a schedule of “when they can fit you in.” If it’s not a company that is nationally known, you really don’t know who is driving your precious family member to their new home. It’s always best to use the utmost caution and find someone that focuses their company on helping transport those with medical needs.

Hiring a Professional Medical Mover

Long distance medical transport cost is always a concern. However, when it comes to your loved one; there is no price too high for their safety. If they are disabled or sick, they need special care from reputable medical professionals. Sure, you want someone who knows how to drive well, but driving is just the first part of the requirements.

Our professional transportation company wants to assist you in every way possible. We move the elderly every day; it’s what we do. Medical transport cross country is not for the untrained. There are many conditions that can arise that can be life or death matters. Our vehicles are fully stocked with equipment to take care of those emergencies. No matter how big or small the trip, our trained staff ensures that you don’t have to worry.

We know the ins and outs of all the things you probably haven’t even considered. When it comes to transporting disabled long distances, we have plenty of experience. We have often come to the rescue of people who have tried to transport their loved one and ran into problems along the way. Save yourself the headaches and have a trained professional handle it from the beginning. Transporting elderly patients out of state is not an easy task, and they could get hurt. They will be safer with a trained crew that knows what to do and how to accommodate their fragile state.


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