Why Specialized Medical Transport is best for Local Non-Emergency Medical Trips

It’s pretty easy to make a case for long-distance medical transport. Regular commercial airlines aren’t set up to manage the specific needs of patients traveling to and from healthcare centers. You could also struggle to give the right kind of care to someone with significant health concerns when they’re being conveyed to a hospital hundreds of miles away in a van.

Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) companies take care of these situations far better than non-specialized alternatives.

Maybe you don’t think that this argument can be made for all medical transport services. What if you don’t have an emergency and the hospital is just a couple of miles away? Can’t you improvise somehow, or hail a taxi, if they won’t take that much time in getting to your destination?

Here’s why it’s still a good idea to choose specialists over regular local transport options.

1. Skip the Discomforts of Waiting

Seniors with a disability could find having to wait for a city bus very uncomfortable.  Especially if they have to stand at the designated stop for most of the time it takes the bus to arrive. That is not worth the wait considering they aren’t feeling well enough to sit through a trip on a vehicle stacked with people.

Medical transport companies solve this problem by providing patient pick-up services, which are typically available on demand.

2. Cater to Physically Challenged People

A lot of the time, public vehicles aren’t built to accommodate the needs of patients, especially those with a form of physical challenge. You probably wouldn’t want to have them as the first option for transferring to or from a medical facility. Certainly not if there’s an ongoing health concern you’re managing, which might require that you move with extra care.

The cars and vans used by NEMT service providers are built to accommodate these needs. They can take care of patients in different physical conditions, whether they are in a wheelchair, stretcher, or just require a bit of a helping hand to get on them.

3. Avoid Complicated Technology

How about ride-hailing companies? Don’t they also reduce uncomfortable wait times?

They might. But to hire one of their taxis for a journey, you’ll have to hail them on an app. This could prove difficult for older people who aren’t used to this sort of technology. If you’re an older citizen and you’re dealing with a significant health issue, you’ll want to choose a time-saving means of getting to your local hospital, which doesn’t demand that you learn to use a somewhat complicated app.

4. The Advantage of Professional Care

If your health isn’t close to being in the best possible shape, you might prefer to be driven to the doctors in a vehicle that has trained medical professionals on board. This is something that all medical transport services are expected to have. But it’s hardly considered a necessity for non-specialized local transport companies.


The expert care and timely interventions delivered by medical transport companies are desirable, even for journeys to homes and hospitals not too far away. They could be crucial to the successful management of a patient’s health conditions and their eventual recovery.


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When choosing a medical transport service provider, you must ensure to choose one that not only focuses on getting you to your destination, but also prioritizes using the safest, most conducive, and most efficient sets of vehicle fleets and equipment to do the job.


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