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Why You Should Engage A Medical Escort Service

Traveling long distances might seem difficult or nearly impossible for medical patients who are chronically ill, cognitively impaired, injured, or need any form of non-emergency treatments. However, engaging a medical escort service could make that journey worthwhile, exceedingly comfortable, and safe. 

But who are medical escorts?

Medical escorts are physician assistants, nurses, or physicians who are tasked with the responsibility of assisting people who cannot travel without assistance or are suffering from non-emergency medical conditions. It is recommended for patients with neurological injuries, impairment in breathing, behavioral health disorders, orthopedic injuries, and minor ambulatory issues in general.

Medical escort services typically consist of a vast network of practicing doctors and medical professionals all across the world. 

In essence, there are medical transport companies, self-employed freelancers, and air ambulances, which attend to the needs of non-emergency patients. They make provisions for escorting nurses, paramedics and doctors, and arrangement for specialist treatment, hospital arrangements, and doctor’s appointments. The service is usually cost-effective and may sometimes utilize seats from first-class and business classes of an aircraft.

However, medical escorts are not in all cases via air travel. Long-distance road ambulance with on-board medical support can also be a viable option depending on the severity of the patient’s condition.

Having discussed the functions of a medical escort service, there might still be some lingering questions as to why you need to engage a medical escort service if some other provisions are available. 

Medical escort services do not stop only at offering help during the journey. They pay attention to the patient’s medical history and are tasked with several responsibilities even before and after the trip.

Before Travel

A medical escort company is expected to provide an escort that matches the patient’s cultural, medical, and language needs. The attached companion gathers the patient’s discharge information to enable him/her to provide the necessary medication and supplies, including oxygen supply for the journey.

During Travel 

They generally work hand-in-hand with airlines and airport employees to ensure that accommodations are made for the wellbeing and comfortability of the patient. During the flight, they are responsible for flight medications, emergency treatments, and monitoring of the patient’s health.

After Travel

The job of a medical escort doesn’t end as soon as the patient reaches their destination. The engaged attendant assists the patient with navigating customs and immigration, as well as issues concerning baggage claims. Furthermore, he or she is also expected to accompany the patient to a receiving care facility, family member, or a home relative who is to assume care of the patient.

On arrival, the engaged escort is poised to share a copy of all care instructions regarding happenings during the journey and update on the patient’s medical status.

In addition to providing the aforementioned medical services before, during, and after the journey, they in some cases, provide other services such as locating garages, breakdown facilities and approved hotels for their business clients.

It is no gainsaying that engaging the services of a medical escort company is an ideal form of medical care that you can provide for your ill ward, grandparents, colleague, friend, or relative. They give the patient all the attention needed and a good sense of safety before, during, and after the journey.