Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services: Bringing Medical Assistance Closer to You

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is a branch of medical transportation services tailored to patients and healthcare beneficiaries that face unique barriers to meeting their medical appointments. Some of the barriers are no valid drivers’ license, no functional vehicle, and inability to travel due to physical, mental, cognitive, and developmental challenges. NEMT as it is popularly […]

Improving Healthcare Access with Medical Transportation

Medical transportation is a significant aspect of healthcare because it helps patients get to where they need to be. Some of those people include the elderly, those with disabilities, and those with other special medical needs. It’s also essential for individuals who can’t drive or don’t have personal vehicles because it increases the ease of […]

Enhancing the Safety of a Patient on Wheelchair as an Elite Medical Transport Firm

Elite medical transport companies have experience in conveying patients to and from the hospital, including those on wheelchairs. They take a lot of safety measures to ensure that every patient reaches medical facilities without hassles. Prioritizing safety When leaving your loved one to the care of a Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) professional, you might get […]

3 Key Advantages of Cross-Country Medical Transport

Many times, patients with chronic ailments need transportation over long distances. Sometimes, it’s for an urgent medical appointment, like a meeting with a specialist in a hospital far away from home. Other times, it can be for other important purposes. These kinds of circumstances are usually stressful for both the patient and family or caregiver. […]

The Significance of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Healthcare services gained more recognition in the past year than it has in recent times. It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic revealed many more loopholes than we’d like to admit. One such area is non-emergency medical transportation. It presents a global issue because only a few people are aware of its importance. The Importance […]

Medical Transport Services: Its Types and Benefits in the Healthcare Industry

In recent times, medical transport services have been instrumental in helping patients get medical care on time. During emergencies, medical transport services play a huge role in saving lives as accident casualties can access medical services immediately. These transport services also bridge the distance barrier between a health facility and the patient. For example, patients […]

A Guide to Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Access to medical care is a major challenge patients face daily. This limitation is usually because of transportation barriers to and from a hospital. An ideal solution to arrest this problem would be the use of non-emergency medical transport. What is Non-Emergency Medical Transport? Non-Emergency Medical Transport provides patients with less critical conditions transportation services. […]

5 Medical Transport Options for Seniors

With old age comes many limitations. One of such limitations is the inability to drive. Seniors often find it difficult transporting themselves to key places – more importantly, the hospital. This is because their body is weak and can no longer engage in strenuous activities. To Visit the lab, pharmacy, or the hospital for an […]