How Non-Emergency Medical Transport Improves the Wellbeing of Seniors

Our health becomes more fragile as we grow older. One outcome from this is that we will tend to pay more visits to hospitals on average than when we were younger. And if we aren’t fit enough to carry ourselves around, we might need non emergency medical transport to take us on such trips. We […]

Processes of Patient Transportation

Injuries happen all the time while on long trips to different states. Perhaps our loved ones have become ill due to some physical issues while on a business trip abroad or they just went to check on a family member in another state who has been in an accident. Another scenario could be a patient […]

Qualities of an Excellent Medical Transportation Service

ACC Medlink is one of the best medical transport services offering coast to coast medical transportation. And there is a reason why such a company has made a name for themselves. Many people today require non-emergency medical transportation services. We are all faced with different situations that threaten our health and the health of our […]

Patient Transport: What Quality of Care Should You Expect?

If you or a loved one needs to be conveyed from your home to a health facility for a medical appointment via non-emergency transport, you will want the trip to go in a safe and timely manner. You will also expect your patient transport service to be professional in its interaction with the patients that […]

Keeping Up with COVID-19

Where did it begin? How far will it go? When will it end? In this time of uncertainty — when COVID-19 is just beginning to spread — it’s hard to know where this pandemic will take us, and how quickly it will spread. Although we are all being told to practice social distancing — distancing […]

How Our Patient Transport Service Maintains Safety During Each Trip

The process of moving patients between their homes and medical facilities may come with some degree of risk. There could be potential hazards stemming from the nature of the patient’s ailment, the distance between medical facilities or homes, or the qualification of accompanying patient transport service personnel. If you are aware of these risks, you […]

The Importance of UV-C Sanitation in Medical Transport Vehicles

There is no doubt that EMS vehicles are essential today. They help patients requiring both emergency and non-emergency medical transfers to or from the hospital. They also assist those in need of long-distance and cross-country placement. However, there is an unseen yet imminent threat to the health of EMS staff and the patients who travel […]

Everything You Need to Know About Medical Escort Services

When you are abroad, you may feel sick and require medically assisted transport to get back home. Perhaps you have suffered an emergency and cannot continue staying in a foreign country for long. In this case, you will require specialist medical transport. Medical Escort is the name given to services that offer such kind of […]