Long Distance Medical Transport Services in Ohio

If you live in Ohio and are in need of long-distance medical transport services of 200 miles or more, ACC Medlink is standing by to accommodate you and your loved ones. The company offers comfortable, state-of-the-art vehicles and experienced, licensed personnel to deliver high-quality care, support and comfort. Each vehicle has all the necessary medical […]

New Fleet of Elite Medical Transport Vehicles

ACC Medlink is proud to announce the addition of a new line of elite medical sprinter vans to our long distance medical transport fleet. This addition will allow ACC Medlink to continue to provide superior service and outstanding care for those in need of medical transport out of state. Our limo-style med sprinters are stationed […]

Five Tips for Planning an Air Ambulance Flight


When a person is unable to obtain the specialized care that they need, they will become a medical tourist and travel to another country. This may require the use of an air ambulance to ensure comfort and safety during the journey. The process of planning a trip and hiring an air ambulance can seem overwhelming. […]

Things to Consider When Choosing a Long Distance Medical Transport Service

  One of the more unique services offered to patients now is long distance patient transport. Long distance travel of this nature is normally for those patients who are obviously not in an emergency assistance situation. Such patients generally need to be transported to a facility that is less than 24 hours away and require […]

Safety & Quality in Medical Transport

At ACC Medlink, it is our mission to ensure safety and ride quality for our patients. Therefore, we have established consistent practices designed to improve the performance and safety of our vehicles. Our team of certified mechanics perform scheduled preventive maintenance tasks to ensure our transporters are safe and reliable. Additionally, we are continuously updating […]