Patient Transport Services

Booking an appointment with a doctor might seem easier than booking a patient transport service. Honestly, they’re just as easy. It takes a little more paperwork, but with the right company, it can seem simple. Transporting yourself, or a loved one to a hospital could be a long journey, but these services are easy to […]

10 Clear Signs to Ditch Driving and Consider Senior Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Most people begin to drive during adolescence and continue for a large portion of their adult lives. However, there are some warning signs for seniors or the elderly that indicates that it’s probably time to stop driving yourself and seek other possible alternatives. Most aging adults are not fully aware that their senses are deteriorating, […]


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can double the chances of a person surviving a cardiac arrest or inability to breathe for any reason. In general, adults have at least a good understanding of the necessary CPR procedures and how to carry out one in an emergency. Before You Carry Out CPR 1. Ascertain that the person is […]

Medical Transportation: What Medicare Actually Covers

Medicare is a federal health insurance program that is eligible for only; • People aged 65 or over • Certain young people with disabilities • People with severe Renal Disease. There are generally three kinds of Medicare; A, B, C (also known as Medicare Advantage) and D. Medicare A covers hospital insurance. Medicare B covers […]

4 Things to Consider For Coast to Coast Medical Transport Service

When you require a means of getting your loved ones to or from a medical facility, you may want to use the services of a dedicated non emergency transportation company. They are equipped with the type of vehicles and facilities required to move under those circumstances. Not all companies can help with long distance, coast […]

4 Air Medical Service Tips for Flying Elderly Passengers

Elderly people are often too frail to fly. Once you factor in a health issue, the severity of their flight is amplified. However, flying elderly patients should still be very comfortable and convenient if you opt to fly with a professional air medical service company. Transporting senior or elderly patients requires double the care and […]