What is a patient transport service?

A patient transport service is a form of non-emergency medical transport service that is primarily concerned with the movement of patients from or to a specific location in non-emergency cases, or where the need to administer medical treatment is not imperative. This service is specifically meant to cater to patients that need to from one […]

4 Crucial Questions to Ask for Before Hiring A Local Medical Transportation Company

Medical transportation companies have sprung up in their numbers over the last decade. The demand for certain kinds of non-emergency medical transportation services such as bariatric, wheelchair, long-distance, and patient medical transport services now means that there is a myriad of local medical transportation companies to choose from. However, when it comes to health, there […]

Why You Should Hire A Long-Distance Ambulance Transport Company

For patients in non-emergency medical condition and need to travel long distances for personal reasons or a recommended transfer to another medical facility, employing the services of long-distance medical transport service is a practical and safe option. Some individuals opt for conventional recreational vehicles (RVs) for transporting their ill-loved ones. However, this might not provide […]

What Kinds of Appointments Require Medical Transport?

Medical appointments should to be a top priority for anyone who has to visit their hospital for regular checks. This is usually required if there’s an ongoing health condition being monitored. Medical transport service providers help people with scheduled hospital visits to keep their appointments. They offer on-demand services to patients in a range of […]

What Are Patient Transport Services For?

Sometimes, patients will have to be transferred from a hospital to a medical facility that’s more equipped to take care of their specific needs. If they are physically unable to get themselves to the new location, they will have to rely on a specialized service to drive them there. This task typically falls to patient […]

Why You Should Engage A Medical Escort Service

Traveling long distances might seem difficult or nearly impossible for medical patients who are chronically ill, cognitively impaired, injured, or need any form of non-emergency treatments. However, engaging a medical escort service could make that journey worthwhile, exceedingly comfortable, and safe.  But who are medical escorts? Medical escorts are physician assistants, nurses, or physicians who […]

Ambulette Services

Medical services continue to grow all over the world. With that comes the proliferation in the approaches to provide medical help to patients. Whether you’re in serious health danger or unfit to take yourself to and from the hospital, you’re confident that there is help on the way. Ideally, many patients are excited to have […]

When Should You Use a Hospital Transport Service?

Hospitals and healthcare transport companies often provide both emergency and non-emergency transportation. If you would like to be conveyed to a hospital in one of their cars or vans, you can arrange a trip with them over the phone. But unless you are physically unable to carry yourself around, you may wonder if you need […]