Things to Consider When Choosing a Long Distance Medical Transport Service

  One of the more unique services offered to patients now is long distance patient transport. Long distance travel of this nature is normally for those patients who are obviously not in an emergency assistance situation. Such patients generally need to be transported to a facility that is less than 24 hours away and require […]

Safety & Quality in Medical Transport

At ACC Medlink, it is our mission to ensure safety and ride quality for our patients. Therefore, we have established consistent practices designed to improve the performance and safety of our vehicles. Our team of certified mechanics perform scheduled preventive maintenance tasks to ensure our transporters are safe and reliable. Additionally, we are continuously updating […]

Are RVs Safe for Medical Transport?

Did you know that RVs are not DOT approved for medical transportation? If an accident occurs, the RV can crush easily. RVs are basically built like a stick home on top of a truck chassis. RVs or Class A motorhomes are not subjected to the same extensive crash worthiness safety requirements as automobiles. “The typically […]

4 Safety Tips When Using Medical Transportation

Every part of our medical transportation services is aimed at your comfort and safety, but there are several things you can do to help make the ride as smooth as possible when using ACC Medlink. 1. Prepare for your ride. Be sure to take some time before your journey to pack what you’ll need. Forgetting […]

Advanced Technology Onboard

GPS & HD Cameras   At ACC Medlink we are committed to safety for our patients and we are committed to bringing innovative technology solutions into our fleet. Our fleet is equipped with technology driven solutions that will bring piece of mind to patients and loved ones. Our transport vehicles are equipped with GEOTAB and […]