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Choosing Interstate Disabled Transport Wisely (Medic-Trans Blog)

If you have a disabled loved one that needs interstate disabled transport from one medical facility to another or perhaps to an assisted living facility or nursing home, you have a hard decision to make as to who can provide the best, most comfortable and reliable service to meet their needs. Any time that an individual needs to do interstate patient transport you want someone who cares as much about your loved one as you do and will see to their needs and comfort during the trip.

Who is ACC Medlink and what do they do?

ACC Medlink is experienced and skilled in all kinds of interstate patient transport services from state to state elderly transport from medical facilities to nursing homes or to doing interstate disabled transport for all kinds of non-emergency transport and care. ACC Medlink came about from their parent organization, Air Critical Care, which is a long distance air transport system for interstate patient transport.

ACC Medlink has been developed as the premier company that provides interstate elderly transport and interstate disabled transport that is unequaled for the comfort that it provides. With 8 inch memory foam mattresses to keep your loved ones feeling comfortable during a long trip to DVD/TV to entertain them or the family members that accompany them on the journey. They can even bring their beloved cat or dog with them for company if desired.

ACC Medlink Provides a Personal Touch to Interstate Patient Transport Services

ACC Medlink provides that personal touch that is missing in clinical settings and they are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have all the required licenses and insurance to be able to provide all kinds of interstate patient transport services for the elderly or disabled. They are skilled and experienced in doing all sorts of long distance ground non-emergency types of transports from the hospital, airport, doctor office and the patient’s home.

Moving a sick or disabled loved one can be very stressful for everyone concerned. ACC Medlink professional staff realizes this and can help relieve that stress. It’s simple to make an appointment to order interstate disabled transport. Just call ACC Medlink at 800-550-1025 or go their website at www.medic-trans.com to get all the information you need to be able to make the right choice in interstate patient transport for your loved ones.

Costs are All Inclusive of the Quoted Price

Another concern of loved ones is the expected cost of all interstate disabled transport or state to state elderly transport in the quoted price. This means that the actual ground transportation, cost of accompanying medical team, gear, medications, food, drinks, snacks and entertainment is all rolled into one price. There are no hidden charges and some insurance companies may pay for interstate patient transport, but this is rare in our experience.

So, if you need interstate disabled transport or state to state elderly transport think of Medlink first for all your loved ones needs.