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Louisiana Long Distance Medical Transport

ACC Medlink is the leader in state to state medical transportation offering transport from Louisiana to any other in the U.S., (200 miles or more) using large, comfortable vehicles that are professionally staffed with our licensed medical crew to care for your loved one.

Our medical vehicles are equipped with the latest in entertainment technology as well as three beds to accommodate family when loved ones are traveling together.

From Louisiana to Any State Medical Transport Service
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Louisiana medical transport

Medical Professionals

Our expert interstate medical transport crew consists of Registered Nurses and Paramedics that have expertise in caring for patients with a wide variety of conditions.

We provide timely transportation with an emphasis on caring, personalized attention. Our medical transport team is prepared to take care of the entire transportation process for you by providing you with the same level of care that we would provide to our own families.


Proudly serving all cities in Louisiana.
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The Medical Transport ServicesFamily of Services

Our range of transportation services deliver only the highest level of patient care.

  • service - non-emergency

    Medical Transport

    Nationwide State to State

    Our non-emergency medical transport services are brought to you by highly-qualified staff members who are not only prepared to provide transportation services, but also to assist with necessary personal hygiene and comfort requirements of patients who must travel long distances.

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  • service - ambulance

    Long Distance

    Bedside to Bedside Service

    We’ve long since recognized the need for long distance ambulance and patient transport services dedicated to the delivery of compassionate, yet clinically-distinguished medical care during medical transports. ACC Medlink’s goal is to provide the personal attention that every customer deserves.
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  • service - state to state

    State to State
    Medical Transport

    Every City & State Nationwide

    We offer state to state medical transportation in state-of-the-art medical transport vehicles. ACC Medlink’s interstate vehicles are built for comfort and are equipped with the latest in entertainment technology as well as three beds to accommodate other members of the family traveling together.

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  • service - senior transportation

    Transportation Service

    Transportation for the Elderly

    We are the leader in long distance senior transportation for many good reasons. That’s because we provide excellent patient care and we go the extra mile to make sure that our elderly patients are comfortable and safe.

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  • service - patient transport service

    Transport Service

    A Step Above the Rest

    Our services are provided by caring transport specialists. Whereas our competitors often have two drivers only, we have a nurse and two drivers accompany our patients to ensure continuity of care throughout the trip.

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  • service - bariatric transport service

    Transport Service

    Treated With Dignity

    Bariatric patients require special expertise and care that our team is prepared to provide. ACC Medlink goes above and beyond to provide a transportation service that offers the patient both comfort and dignity.

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Louisiana Popular Places to Travel

  • Eagle Expo Weekend Offers Top-Notch Birding
    by TOverby on 01/20/2020 at 7:07 pm

    What better setting for a weekend of birding boat tours, wildlife presentations and outdoor photography seminars than the Atchafalaya Basin, home to nesting bald eagles, rare flora and diverse fauna. The 15th Annual Eagle Expo offers a chance to explore them all during special events Feb. 14-15, 2020, in Morgan City. Get a close-up view of birds of prey like raptors, owls, hawks, falcons, bald eagles – and one very funny vulture – at a lively Wings to Soar presentation, then learn how to photograph them first-hand during a workshop “field trip” to Bayou Black. Explore interactive exhibits highlighting the outdoors at the Water & Nature Expo, then soak up fascinating stories by expert speakers like biological engineer, avid birder and author Marybeth Lima, who has seen more than 300 different bird species in Louisiana. But the best way to enjoy nature is being out “in” it, so don’t miss one of five popular boat tours that give you a real birds-eye view of the area during Eagle Expo weekend. Join “Captain Caviar” John Burke for a tour of the Atchafalaya Basin, home to 170 bird species, or take the Turtle Bayou Tour through natural habitats offering fantastic views of local wildlife. Let Billy Gaston guide you on a Cajun-spiced trip through Bayou Black, where you’ll meander along old oil and gas canals past bald eagles, ospreys, hawks and various waterfowl, or enjoy Captain Ivy’s Bayou Long Tour through multiple waterways to spot bald eagles, blue herons, great egrets, belted kingfishers, white ibis and others. New this year, the Greenwood Gator Farm and Swamp Tour ventures deep into Bayou Black for a glimpse of bald eagles, herons, egrets, hawks and more surrounded by cypress trees. Advance registration for Eagle Expo is required. Your $40 ticket includes admission to the Wings to Soar presentation, a Friday night social, Water & Nature Expo, breakfast seminars and a T-shirt. Boat tours and the photography workshop require additional fees. For more information or tickets, call 985-380-8224, email [email protected] or visit Louisiana's Cajun Coast website.

  • Six Reasons to Plan Your Louisiana State Park Visit Now
    by Maggie.Bowles on 09/16/2019 at 3:13 pm

      Discounts for Days: Louisiana State Parks are offering a 15% discount on overnight stays in cabins Mondays – Thursdays, use code GETOUTSIDE; valid annually September 1 – January 31. Click here for more information on senior and military discounts. Picnic at a Park: Fall is fast approaching, so now is your opportunity to get some fresh air and cool down in the great outdoors! Plan a picnic, take in the scenery and enjoy the fall foliage that is unique to Louisiana nature. New and Improved: Louisiana’s State Parks continuously feature updated campsites in order to offer the best experience for their visitors. Renovated campsites have recently opened at Jimmie Davis State Park after being damaged by a tornado in early 2019. New cabins have also opened at Lake Bruin State Park, with amenities including dishes and cookware, linens, WiFi, and satellite television. They’ve Got the Hookup: Enjoy full campsite hookups at Chemin-A-Haut State Park near Bastrop. These campsites will include water, electricity, and sewer utilities for guests beginning on October 11. A Trek on the Trail: Bogue Chitto State Park, with the help of the Northshore Off-Road Biking Association (NORBA), now offers 4 miles of singletrack mountain bike trails for visitors to enjoy. Perfect for those visitors looking for a little adventure. Fall Fun at Louisiana State Parks: There’s never a shortage of activities offered at Louisiana’s State Parks and Historic Sites. Check out their calendar of events for more information on Dutch oven cooking, hikes, tours and more! It’s not too late to plan your trip! Reservations can be made online at www.ReserveLaStateParks.com or by calling 877-226-7652. For more information about Louisiana State Parks visit LaStateParks.com, or follow Louisiana State Parks on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Native Plants You’ll See Everywhere in Louisiana
    by Maggie.Bowles on 06/06/2018 at 1:25 pm

    With all the greenery that covers Louisiana’s most popular state parks, and even throughout the 2000 acres of beauty on LSU’s campus–there’s a few plants, in particular, that stand out in the Bayou State.  From delicate flowers, to robust evergreens, to cypress trees there seems to be a wide variety of plants that love the Louisiana environment. Here are five native plants that you will see everywhere in the great state of Louisiana: Louisiana Phlox - Phlox divaricata This delicate lavender colored wildflower can be seen all over the state including North Toledo Bend State Park. The Louisiana Phlox grows well in partially shaded to sunny areas and blooms in the spring. This plant can be commonly seen within rocky areas and are commonly used as ground cover around Louisiana homes. The oblong leaves turn a deep burgundy during fall and winter seasons. Hybrid Louisiana Iris - Iris ser. Hexagonae This beautiful flower blooms between March-May every year and enjoys boggy sites with standing water like Chemin-a-Haut State Park. It is a highly adaptable plant that has been cultivated within many parts of the world although it originated in the Southeastern region of the United States. The Louisiana iris can do well in just about any soil condition but need to be well watered if not in a wet region. Due to the plant’s hybrid nature, the Louisiana Iris can be a wide range of colors including white, orange, purple, and burgundy. Silverbell Tree - Halesia diptera Native to Northshore areas of Louisiana, this tree blooms white bell shaped flowers each spring that dangle from its delicate stems. The showy flowers grow in clusters that look like bunches of bells welcoming in the growing season.  The Silverbell Tree can be seen in areas of partial to full shade and along riverbanks or wet swampy areas. The tree can grow to become 20-30 feet tall at maturity and the leaves of this beauty turn yellow in fall as well. Gulf Coast Yucca - Yucca Louisianensis This grassy native perennial is a staple in the warm Louisiana environment. The Gulf Coast Yucca is a reliable and tough plant that can withstand the humidity of the Bayou State, including the Lafayette Area. Clumps of this plant produce white flowers that sit on tall spikes each summer. The Gulf Coast Yucca can grow up to 8 feet fall and features leaves that mainly grow from the base of the plant. Bald Cypress - Taxodium distichum This stately tree can be commonly found within the swamps of southern Louisiana. This tree excels in poorly drained areas and can be seen within swampy areas like Sam Houston Jones State Park. The Bald Cypress is a staple in the Bayou environment and is a slow growing tree. Most Bald Cypress trees grow to heights of 120 feet and have a trunk diameter of 3-6 feet. The stoutest known Bald Cypress is in the Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge near Baton Rouge with a diameter of 17 feet. For more information about native plants, gardening, and lawn care in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and the rest of Louisiana, visit LawnStarter.com.

  • Outdoor Adventures Near Poverty Point World Heritage Site
    by SBenson on 05/31/2018 at 5:53 pm

    Summertime is the perfect season for heading outdoors to enjoy nature. Looking for breathtaking views and outdoor adventures off the beaten path? Look no further than Poverty Point World Heritage Site in Northeast Louisiana. Perfect for an outdoor weekend escape, we’ve gathered the most picturesque places in Northeast Louisiana for you to pass a good time.  Poverty Point Trail  The first stop on your weekend trip is Poverty Point! Poverty Point is comprised of mounds that were built by ancient peoples living in the area before the Egyptian Pyramids were built. Tours of the mounds are available by tram, but we recommend hiking the trail!  Top of the Mound  Once you’ve climbed all the stairs and reached the top of the mound, you’ll have much different perspective. Snap a pic to commemorate your accomplishment. If you’ve got a drone, an overhead shot of the mounds shows the bird-shaped layout of the area! Archaeologists have different opinions on why the mounds are arranged. For more insight into the lives of these ancient peoples, visit the museum on the grounds. Golf at Black Bear Golf Course Another great way to enjoy the day is to tee off at Black Bear Golf Club. As you play your way through the course, be on the lookout for some furry players. That’s right, bears have been known to join in on the golfing fun! Even if you don’t see a bear, you’ve still got a front-row seat to some scenic views.  Fishing and Catching a Sunset over Poverty Point State Park Reservoir’s Cabins Spend the day on a boat trying your hand at catching some fish on Poverty Point State Park Reservoir. With catfish, bream, bass, and white perch, you can cast a line for a variety of fish. The finale of your trip will be a magical sunset and some lakefront porch sitting.  Whether you fish, hike or golf, Northeast Louisiana has the most beautiful backdrop to enjoy the summer fun. Add these activities to your itinerary and share your photogenic adventures using #OnlyLouisiana!

  • Spring Birding in #OnlyLouisiana
    by Maggie.Bowles on 04/12/2018 at 1:09 pm

    Did you know Louisiana is a veritable hotspot for birds and therefore birders and bird enthusiasts? Grand Isle, Louisiana in Jefferson Parish is particularly famous for its bird-watching opportunities and springtime just so happens to be the perfect time to keep your eyes peeled and your ears open to spot or hear some of our feathered friends. This year, Louisiana’s only inhabited barrier island is hosting the 20th Annual Grand Isle Migratory Bird Festival on April 20-22. Whether you’re an expert ornithophile and or a novice needing to break in your binoculars, this is the perfect opportunity to spot flocks taking a much-needed rest on their way back from wintering in South and Central America.     Share photos with #OnlyLouisiana on your social channels, we'd love to see which birds you spotted throughout your travels in the Pelican State! &nbs