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Comparing Wheelchair and Stretcher Transportation

Whenever the need to transport a patient or family member arises, due consideration should be given to decide the best route. Firstly, the safety of the person to be transported. Secondly, the comfort and necessities required in the transportation. Long Distance Medical Transport has become more and more common. Safety is always given priority and is considered as the most important factor to Medical Transportation Companies.

During a long distance medical travel being sure that the family member feels at peace and comfortable throughout the journey is very important.
A medical professional is provided to ensure the family member is always taken care of and comfortable the entire way. Before you book any long distance non-emergency transport, it is important to know the costs and what kind of assistance will be provided.

Comparing Wheelchair Transportation and Stretcher Transportation
Wheelchair transportation is used most commonly when going a short distance to and from doctor appointments or in town. However, on a longer medical transport out of state, across the country, or over 300 miles using a wheelchair transportation is uncomfortable and unsafe. Stretcher transportation not only allows the patient to lay flat or sit up on a comfortable mattress.

The long distance stretcher transportation allows for easy access to every side of the patient or family member ensuring no interruptions or conflicts when being cared for by the medical professional. Hygiene care, comfort care, and ensuring the family member is comfortable and well positioned the entire transportation is much easier when allowing extra access around the stretcher.