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Travel Safely While Bedridden or Ill

Whenever the need to transport a patient arise, due consideration should be given to their well-being. First, it is the safety of the person to be transported. Secondly, it is the comfort and necessities required in the transportation. Long Distance Medical Transport has become better and more convenient. Safety is given priority and is considered as the most important factor to be observed.
During a long distance travel, some emergencies may arise. What is important is that the patient should feel at peace and comfortable throughout the journey. Before you book any long distance emergency transport, it is important to know the costs and what kind of assistance will be provided. In this way, you will know what you should carry to ensure you have a comfortable ride.The following are some of the important tips you should know during a long distance non-emergency medical transportation.
Things to carry with you during the journey:
Medication and other personal entities
When you take a long non-emergency medical transportation, you may be gone from your home for a few days. You need to consider the fact that you are still under medication. The company transporting you will not have any medication for your condition. As such, you need to carry your medicine and some water to take it during the prescribed time. Other essentials that people forget include reading glasses and dietary supplements.

Be accessible

A cell phone is an important gadget that you should always carry around. The long distance transportation may take hours. Your friends and relatives would wish to call you and know how you are doing. If you do not carry one, some may be worried about your condition and panic unnecessarily.

Contact information

Whenever you are in a long distance medical transportation, it is vital that you carry the contacts and addresses of the people you are close with. Something may happen in the way and require their intervention. The driver of the transportation company and the doctor on board may contact your close relatives if you need some regular checks. In case the phone battery disappoints you, it is wise that you write the contact information somewhere as a backup.

Know which vehicle you wish to use

Traveling long distances while feeling unwell requires comfort. In some cases, you may travel for up to two days. This is why you need to consider a vehicle with enough legroom for comfort. Before you book such a vehicle, you can send someone to find out if it suits you.

Know the type of Onboard Care provided in the transport vehicle

Some companies will provide a nurse to sit with you at the back while others will not. In some vehicles, you may only have a driver implying that you will have to address any arising needs. To make proper preparations, it’s imperative to get prior information on the people that will be on board. You may also need to evaluate if they will be in a position to give you assistance. In some cases, you can opt to have a relative sit with you at the back and offer any necessary help.

Availability of Wheelchair and Stretcher Transportation

Elderly patients are often unable to walk comfortably on their own. As a safety measure, you should ensure that the vehicle is equipped with this important equipment. You should also make inquiries on whether the service has staff with adequate training and experience.

Benefits of Using ACC Medlink as your long distance Medical Transportation Service

Long distance patient transport is one of the most convenient services offered to patients. This transportation is cost-effective and comfortable. ACC Medlink is committed to providing luxurious long distance medical transportation services.

Here are some of the benefits of using ACC Medlink services:
1) Use of the long distance ambulance at ACC Medlink assures patients of accessing any necessary travel equipment

2) There is room for close relatives to accompany the patient during the journey. Having loved ones close to a patient makes him/her feel cared for and in safe hands

3) ACC Medlink has qualified and professionally licensed drivers. With this company, you don’t have to worry about traveling with a quack driver. The skills of their drivers are regularly updated and they are trained on ethics and professional conduct.

4) Maintained and well-serviced modes of transport ensure that there are no cases of breakdown or delays. You can arrive in time and get the medical services you need. In the case of any breakdowns, another vehicle is immediately dispatched to ensure your journey is not interrupted.

ACC Medlink has proved to be such a caring and convenient mode of transport for long distance ambulance services.