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There are quite many medical transport services patients, their families, and other users can count on, such as emergency ambulatory transportation and other medical transportation services. Knowing the correct type of transportation for your needs will help you save your money and arrive safely at your destination and on time.

This article presents some of the common medical transportation available.

Ambulatory Transportation

In the case of emergencies, one of your best bets to get to the hospital on time is ambulance transportation. For example, if you have an accident and can’t go to the hospital yourself or you have a severe lack of mobility, an ambulance can help take you to a hospital for medical attention.

Ambulances rank as one of the most expensive forms of transportation, so many patients are advised to use one during genuine emergencies. Other costs associated with ambulances also mean you’ll have to pay more, especially where it involves life and death situations.

Non-emergency Medical Transportation

Non-emergency medical transportation or NEMT is a transportation service offered to patients who need more care and support at a reasonable cost than emergency ambulance transportation.

In line with that, the service caters to patients in wheelchairs, bed-ridden, bariatric patients, patients with special health or safety concerns, etc. Like ambulatory transports, NEMT’s operate at different service levels and use several drivers depending on a patient’s needs and unique circumstances.

Wheelchair Transportation

Some patients are restricted to a wheelchair or have difficulties walking independently. As a result, they require the extra assistance that a wheelchair affords. Also, patients may be moved from their wheelchair into a vehicle seat, or they may opt to remain comfortable in their seated position. Either way, a vehicle for such purposes must have the appropriate gears, restraints, and hooks that secure the chair in the vehicle. That way, it’s always stable at all times.


Stretches form part of medical transport services and are typically reserved for bed-ridden patients that cannot move into a sitting position. There are many instances where a patient would have to be confined to a stretcher for transportation, including accidents and complicated procedures. In some cases, NEMT’s can take on stretcher patients, but stretchers help get patients out of their residence and into their appointment.

Long Distance NEMT

Some procedures and forms of medical attention can wait. That’s where Long-distance NEMT comes in and may vary based on the company you book a ride with. This type of transportation is often recommended for patients that need to travel more than 50 miles from their starting position.

It’s the perfect medical transport service to engage when you have to go on a trip to a neighboring city or even across states.

Wrapping Up

The health and safety of you or your loved one are not to be toyed with, and the ideal medical transport helps you get the best care. Watch out for service providers that offer a list of comprehensive transport services that cater to your needs right from starting position, health condition, and to your destination.

Some medical conditions necessitate the need to quickly transfer a patient from their home to the hospital or from one hospital to another. That’s where an air ambulance aircraft comes into play with patients flown to their destination under medical supervision, either seated or lying down, depending on their health condition. Cost is worth considering if you want to use this service.

What are the air ambulance costs involved when moving a patient?

That question is often asked, but the fact is that there is no single or general answer to this question because cost often depends on several factors. A few of them are outlined here.

  1. The Flight Route

The route taken has a large role in the cost of air ambulances. This involves the distance between the departure point and the destination in question. In some instances, the price will not rise directly in line with the distance flown but will depend on the calculations of the service provider. However, it’s only normal to envisage more costs when the distance involved covers many miles.

  1. Emergencies

More costs are often involved if you want an air ambulance at short notice or during emergencies. Also, with almost all ambulance aircraft permanently in use, their availability must be considered when booking, especially with different approach routes and each case.

Aircrafts located near a departure point will have lower costs than those far away. However, planning is a genuine cost-effective move, even though last-minute flights are possible at all times with proven service providers.

  1. The Patient’s Condition

The condition of the patient also influences the air ambulance cost. Different medical staff and equipment must be selected according to the patient’s condition. Besides, the diagnosis may need a flight at sea level so that the cabin pressure is equal to the air pressure on the ground. That increases the duration of the flight and the price of transporting the patient.

  1. The Ground Transportation

Whether in an emergency or not, making preparations for appropriate ground transports is important. Air flights won’t go directly to the hospital. There’s a journey to be made from the hospital to the airport and back. As a result, even the cost of an ambulance vehicle has to be considered. If the patient is staying in a spot far away from the hospital, long ambulance journeys may be necessary, which will affect the total cost.

  1. Accompanying Persons

Another fact that may affect air ambulance costs is the number of close friends and family around you or your loved one. Some service providers don’t charge for one individual to accompany patients, but more than that figure may see you get charged extra. Others wouldn’t mind having several persons in an ambulance flight, especially if the situation and health condition so demands.

Bottom Line When you come across service providers that offer genuine services, these factors may come into play. Also, your insurance coverage can help you pay for ambulance flights. Whatever the case, your health is important, and you’ll no doubt find a service that fits your budget.

One crucial advantage that air medical transport services provide is their reliability, especially in urgent situations. Medical air transport services can deliver in tight cases where regular medical ground transportation may not. It is not hindered by traffic factors or other ground-type hindrances.

In the event of an emergency, air transport can be relied upon to convey a patient interstate or long-distance to receive medical attention. Besides this, they also offer increased comfort compared to ground transport solutions.

· What is Medical Air Transport?

Medical air transport services are specialized Medi-jets designed to offer transport assistance to patients, especially in the most crucial situations. They are excellent for emergency-type situations and can be relied on if patients need swift conveyance to receive medical care interstate or long-distance. During the flight, patients are also offered adequate provisional care until they arrive at their destination.

Benefits of Medical Air Transport

Medical air transport services provide an extensive lineup of benefits that make them stand out among other traditional medical transport solutions. Some of the notable benefits they offer include:

· High Speed

Medical air ambulances are much swifter than ground transport solutions, especially fixed-wing planes. They can reach their destinations in a fraction of the time while offering maximum comfort throughout.

· Comfort and Convenience

Air ambulances can provide double or triple the level of comfort that ground transport options offer. Also, they can comfortably accommodate more staff, which means more professional hands and eyes to take care of the patient while on the trip.

· Maneuverability

A medical air transport solution will not be limited by such factors as roads, traffic, and other ground-type hindrances. As such, they are at an advantage in terms of maneuverability. They can safely, comfortably, and swiftly convey patients across areas with poor or no road networks.

· Availability of Specialized Equipment

Ground transport ambulances are not as sizable as a Medi-jet. As such, they may only accommodate smaller, provisional medical equipment. However, Medi-jets are far more spacious. This means that they can comfortably accommodate larger, professional-standard equipment. This way, patients can receive better medical assistance while on the trip until they arrive at their destination.

In addition, because of how spacious Medi-jets can be, compared to ground transport solutions, they can afford to accommodate more family members or loved ones on the trip. In contrast, a ground medical transport solution would typically accommodate just one friend or family member at most.

· Expert Supervision

Medical air transport trips are tactically and carefully planned out in detail. The planning process is overseen by air transport professionals and medical experts who are well knowledgeable regarding the patient’s condition. If the need arises, they also collaborate with other professionals to ensure that the entire itinerary is drawn out in detail. This way, they can make adequate plans for unforeseen emergencies and other extras, including inquiring with the patient to know if they might need any other additional amenities or services to make them feel more relaxed and comfortable until they are safely admitted to the hospital.


Medical air transport services offer increased safety, comfort, speed, and medical care throughout the trip. Most of all, they are highly reliable and can be depended upon in times of emergencies. When deciding on what kind of medical transport solution to hire for your interstate or long-distance trips, ensure to choose one that has an edge. This way, you can rest assured that you or your loved one will be in safe hands throughout the medical transportation

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services focus on people who do not have a medical emergency but require some level of medical aid or assistance during transit.

It has been estimated that about 3.6 million people living in the United States fail to show up for their medical appointment or defer their treatments/sessions due to the unavailability of an appropriate means of transports. Hence, NEMT becomes a necessary service for these individuals.

It is hard to calculate the exact charge a NEMT service provider would charge you for various reasons. One of which is that there is no fixed industry price as various providers have different rates. The lack of a standard rate means that the long-distance transport ambulance cost will differ significantly due to various factors such as:

1. Distance: A cross-country non-emergency medical transport trip is more expensive than an intra-city trip due to the number of miles traveled. Most NEMT firms, if not all, set a constant price that reflects the mileage covered. Although the final estimate differs across organizations, NEMT firms track the distance covered.

The cost of the trip according to the distance is usually calculated by multiplying the fixed charge for each mile traveled and the number of miles covered during the journey.

2. Wait-time: Some clients may desire a two-way trip from their residence to the hospital and back home. These clients may be required to pay a wait fee depending on how long the NEMT employee will wait for them between stops.

The NEMT firm needs to factor in how much time they wait for the customer. For instance, a firm may set the rate at $5 for every 10 minutes waited. Hence, a sum of $30 will be added to the entire fees paid for the journey.

3. Equipment: The availability of equipment and medical devices is a unique feature of long-distance ambulances. Depending on your condition, the NEMT firm needs to equip the ambulance with medical equipment that will be used during the trip.

The medical devices onboard NEMT vehicles play a determining role in fixing the amount a service provider is willing to accept as charges for the long-distance transport ambulance cost. Provision of assistive devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, and stretchers for the medical trip may incur additional charges.

4. Number of attendants: Depending on the disability level, you may need more than one employee to accompany you on the trip. If you have three NEMT employees escorting you on a wheelchair NEMT transport, the amount will be higher than what you would pay if you had two employees aboard the ambulance, provided you are traveling the same distance and had equal wait periods. 

Bottom Line

NEMT service is an essential part of the healthcare sector. A study conducted on veterans revealed that delayed access to healthcare leads to increased mortality cases. Hence, the need to contact a NEMT firm when the need arises. Also, you should request a quote on the long-distance transport ambulance cost from your NEMT provider and ask your insurance company if it is covered.

Patients who have to travel long distances to attend important medical appointments require the assistance of professional medical transport services that are fully equipped with advanced patient transport ambulances. Specialized provisions like this ease the job for the service providers and increase the safety and comfort of the concerned patients throughout the trip.

For instance, a patient may have a chronic ailment and need to undergo a surgical procedure at a specialist hospital located in another city or state. This patient might already be experiencing pain or some level of discomfort due to their present condition. As such, they require an ambulance cot that can provide the highest level of comfort and safety throughout the trip.

If the entire transportation process is not executed cautiously and professionally, it can become detrimental for the concerned patient’s overall health and might even influence the success of their procedure. This is why patients must always hire a medical transport service that incorporates advanced technologies for their transport services.

Below are some of the advantages you or your loved one can benefit from by making this decision:

·         Comfort

The first thing any patient traveling with a specialized patient transport ambulance cot will experience is comfort, from the point of mobilizing the patient to the wheelchair or stretcher (for patients who may require this service) and throughout the trip. Each piece of equipment is highly specialized for its purpose, providing the patient with maximum comfort at every instance.

·         Accompaniment of Qualified Medical Personnel

Traveling long-distance to receive medical attention can be exhausting for both the patient and their anxious loved ones. However, the main concern on the patient’s end is that if this stress isn’t properly managed, it can worsen their condition. As such, long-distance medical transport providers also offer the accompaniment of trained medical personnel on the trip. This staff is tasked with ensuring that the patient is stable and comfortable throughout their journey.

·         Safety

Patient safety is paramount to long-distance medical transport providers. This is why they ensure to incorporate only specialized patient transport ambulance cots for all vehicle fleets. To add to that, they ensure that the entire staff is adequately trained, certified, and regularized.

For instance, the drivers are professionally trained and licensed. Similarly, the nursing staff are professionally trained, licensed, and registered, the engineering/maintenance team is professionally trained and certified, and so on. These measures are implemented to ensure that patients are always in safe hands at every instance.

·         Security

After safety and comfort, security is another crucial concern. As such, professional long-distance medical transport providers always integrate the most advanced security protocols and technologies behind the scene and on all of their vehicle fleets.

You can expect to see such installments as GPS, vehicle tracking systems, in-vehicle security cams, speed limit monitoring systems, and a range of other security gears installed on the vehicle. Through these installations, they can monitor, control and ensure the safety and security of their esteemed patients throughout the trip.

·         Save Time, Save Cost

Hiring a less-than-ideal service provider for you or your loved one’s long-distance medical transportation can culminate into both a waste of time and money. They are more likely not to have the necessary industry-standard amenities or machinery to get the job done. Also, you may be putting you and your loved one’s health at risk.

Imagine all the things that could go wrong. The patient could sustain a spinal cord injury because an unprofessional-standard stretcher or wheelchair was used to convey them onto the vehicle. A bump on the road could worsen the patient’s condition because the vehicle’s shock absorbers aren’t optimized for medical transportation. They might have to make several stops to stabilize the patient due to a poorly executed traveling experience. Sometimes, patients even end up missing their medical appointment altogether.


There are so many reasons that necessitate making an intelligent decision when arranging a long-distance medical transport service for you or a loved one. One of them is ensuring that you hire the assistance of a professional medical transport service that is fully equipped with qualified staff and industry-standard facilities, including advanced patient transport ambulance fleets. This way, you can rest assured that you or your loved ones will get to their medical appointment on time and will be in safe hands throughout their trip.

Medical transportation plays a crucial role in ensuring that people receive adequate medical care and attention whenever needed. Without access to proper medical transportation services, many patients would not meet up with their medical appointments promptly.

While some people can easily drive themselves or utilize public transport, others, especially the elderly, physically disadvantaged, and those suffering from chronic medical conditions, may not afford such luxury because of their health condition. Instead, this peculiar class of patients requires the assistance of professional full-service medical transport services to convey them to and from important medical appointments safely.

Here are some of the reasons why medical transport services are pivotal to the overall success of modern healthcare delivery:

· Cost-Effectiveness

Cost is one of the essential variables anyone considers when they think of transportation. Considering the additional requirements of medical transportation, specifically, and the category of persons requiring this service, you can imagine how that can sum up a notch.

For instance, on their own, an old patient would have to hire a sizeable vehicle, hire a stretcher, hire a wheelchair, and whatever else they may need (say, a nurse, a driver, etc.) just for one trip. However, medical transport services help cut out all of that stress and the hefty costs associated.

Patients get complete transportation and mobility services, as well as other value-added services (like the accompaniment of a nurse) at barely a fraction of the total cost.

· Increased Safety

Safety is paramount when transporting sick persons to their respective medical appointments. Their families and loved ones need to be sure that they’re in safe hands throughout the trip. As such, the job must be entrusted to professionals who have both the human capacity and machinery to pull it off.

Medical transport services usually integrate advanced security measures to ensure the safety of their respective passengers.

The drivers are licensed and well-trained, the nursing staff is licensed, registered, and professionally certified, the vehicle fleets are first-class and built explicitly for medical transport. Furthermore, they integrate such technologies as GPS, tracking systems, 24/7 communication with each transport crew, speed limit trackers, and much more.

· Increased Convenience, Reduced Stress

The entire transport facilities and service offerings of medical transport service providers are designed to reduce the stress and increase the convenience of the patients that utilize them. As such, they make sure that their patients lack nothing, especially during long-distance non-emergency trips.

You can expect to find such additional amenities as a fully airconditioned vehicle with a full-service toilet, TV, music system, video games, a phone to communicate with family, a comfortable bed for the patient, and much more.

· Save Time

Medical transport services help to save patients’ time. With just one call or by placing an order over the company website, patients can effortlessly arrange the details of their transportation to and from important medical appointments. They won’t have to waste any time planning out the logistics themselves, as the service provider will handle all of that. All they need is to book a date and be available for pickup.

· Professional Service Delivery

Professional medical transport service providers ensure that their patients receive the best of everything. Everything is top-notch, from the stretcher to the wheelchair and other necessary equipment and even the vehicle. The staff and entire transport crew are not left out. The aim is to ensure that patients choose the service as their most trusted provider and recommend them to their close friends and anyone in their circle.

To achieve this, medical transport companies always employ a customer-first approach while ensuring that every service is first-class.


Medical transport services do a lot to ease the work of modern healthcare systems. Their services are designed to add value to what modern healthcare systems provide. If you have a loved one who needs to travel interstate or long-distance to receive medical attention, you should consider hiring the services of a medical transport provider. This way, you can rest assured that your loved one is in the safest hands throughout their trip, coupled with the fact that they will always be accompanied by trained and certified medical personnel.

Long-distance ambulances are specially designed to fulfill the transportation needs of various people, especially the elderly, disabled persons, and others who have non-emergency appointments at medical facilities.

These vehicles are equipped with various safety functionalities that make it convenient for people with special needs to access the best level of care on a medical trip. 

Fortunately, long-distance ambulances can be customized depending on patients’ needs and medical conditions. Below are some of the reasons why you should request a long-distance trip from a non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) firm:

1. Safety

Most times, NEMT providers ask clients to provide details about their medical conditions and the reason for embarking on the medical trip. Before the commencement of the journey, the NEMT escorts ensure that the long-distance ambulance is well-equipped to serve the patient’s medical needs.

An employee who has undergone specialized training in emergency first aid will be aboard the vehicle if any medical emergency arises during the journey. The ambulance should also be equipped with basic life support equipment to keep the patient’s condition stable during an emergency.

2. Convenience

NEMT firms value the comfort and convenience of their clients during long-distance medical trips. Hence, the patient’s cabin in a long-distance ambulance is constructed so that the patient’s comfort is paramount.

A professional NEMT firm ensures that the vehicle can easily accommodate the wheelchair and stretchers. Elderly and disabled persons are welcome to use this service when traveling long distances.

3. Availability

Majority of the NEMT firms available today offer their services 24/7. As such, patients can request a long-distance ride at any time of the day. However, booking a ride in advance is advisable to give the NEMT provider more time to prepare for your trip.

Furthermore, clients are encouraged to provide details about their medical conditions, as they will be kept confidential. Relationship with customers is always top-notch, as the customer service personnel are approachable and willing to help.

4. Emergencies

A long-distance trip to the hospital can be hectic and take a toll on the patient. Most of these clients have chronic conditions and are prone to need emergencies, albeit a slight chance. Fortunately, NEMT firms train their employees to provide basic emergency care when the need arises. Hence, you are assured that your loved one is accompanied by a competent professional.

5. Maintain a certain level of independence for the patients

Usually, patients are frustrated when they lose their sense of independence. They may become depressed following a continued reliance on a loved one or caregiver. However, NEMT firms create an avenue for these patients to book their trips without help from any individual. Also, they ensure that these clients are allowed to perform certain tasks under safe conditions during a long-distance trip.

Bottom Line

Requesting for a long-distance ambulance can be valuable to your wellbeing as NEMT firms ensure patients are less reliant on their loved ones for transportation needs. Also, the safety and convenience attributed to NEMT firms and the ability of the employees to manage emergencies are key reasons to choose non-emergency medical transport over any other means of long-distance medical transportation.

The need for medical transportation can arise at any time. It can be a health emergency or some other kind of need that requires medical transport assistance. One cannot say when they will need crucial medical attention. You may be miles away from the nearest hospital at the time of your need or are unable to convey yourself or your loved one, and so, may require medical transport assistance.

Medical transportation services offer patients easier access to healthcare, as well as other various medical transport solutions. Their service solutions effectively convey sick, aged, and physically disadvantaged people to and from important medical appointments. In many cases, they are also a reliable mobility resort where patients may require immediate medical assistance.

Here are some of the notable benefits that medical transport services offer the healthcare sector.

·  Reduced Medic-aid Costs

The services that medical transportation providers offer are mutually beneficial to both patients and the entire healthcare sector. They provide essential healthcare access to every member of society, especially those who wouldn’t get it otherwise. In addition, their services help to cut down taxpayers’ costs of medical expenses. Up to $40 million is saved through non-emergency medical transport services monthly for every 30,000 patients with any of these conditions:

·  Increased Health Outcomes

Medical transportation services help to lessen the demand for additional intensive healthcare services. By doing so, they also increase health outcomes across the state. In addition, overall health is increased, while costs of Medicaid are significantly reduced. Furthermore, the availability of efficient medical transport services helps to ensure that patients do not miss important medical appointments— this leads to higher percentages of healthier people for the society’s labor force.

·  Convenience and Ease

Medical transport providers ensure that patients are transported with the highest levels of ease and comfort. In return, customers hand in excellent reviews and recommend their services organically. These service providers can pick up their clients from virtually any location, take them to their medical appointments, and drop them right at their doorsteps after discharge. To make mobility easier, they also provide such amenities as semi-automatic wheelchairs, safety-optimized stretchers, and more. Through these and several other efforts, they ensure that their patients have the best experience throughout their trip.

·  Increased Safety

When you choose to travel with a medical transport service, you are guaranteed more safety. These service providers take extra steps to ensure that their patients are well-managed, monitored, and conveyed safely. They often incorporate advanced security tech such as in-vehicle security cams, speed limit trackers, GPS, 24/7 communication with patient and transport crew, etc. These and more are some of the additional measures taken by medical transportation services to ensure the safety and security of their travelers.

·  More Flexibility

People do not only require medical transportation services when they are in an emergency or critical need of the service. People often also request their assistance if they have a medical appointment and still have other important places to touch. For instance, a stop by the bank, grocery store, a meeting, etc. To this end, non-emergency medical transport providers offer flexibility. Unlike regular emergency medical transport providers, they can allow you to make important stops and achieve other needs during the duration of your scheduled appointment.


Medical transportation services help bridge the gap by bringing comfortable and secure mobility solutions closer to patients who need access to essential healthcare services. They achieve this by providing various assortments of reliable and efficient medical transport solutions, especially to the chronically ailed, physically disadvantaged, and older members of society.

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