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In the past, the logistics of travelling to or between medical facilities was a nightmare. As convenience and simplicity take center stage in our lives, there are more convenient and accessible means of booking a medical transport service.

Depending on your needs and mobility, there are various forms of medical transport services that allow patients to save time and money while ensuring that they reach their destination with utmost comfort and ease. Below are the different types of medical transportation:

Whether you are traveling to the other end of the earth, three states away or going for a doctor’s appointment a few blocks from your residence, medical transport services are incredibly useful for safely and speedily transporting patients from one point to another.

ACC Medlink is committed to the safety and health of all our patients and crew. Given the coronavirus’s unfortunate spread, we recognize the need for extra vigilance and care for the safety and well-being of our patients and staff. We continuously adapt and review our Covid-19 policy and procedures according to the latest government guidelines.

We go above the CDC guidelines and offer an antigen on site rapid test for our patients and crew. We sterilize all equipment including our transport vans with approved chemicals and UV Light. For more information and availability about our Covid antigen tests ask our Coordinators 24/7.




ACC Medlink has more safe miles driven than any Long Distance Medical Transport service. We will always work to that high standard and look forward to safely and conveniently transporting patients through our wide range of medical transportation services safely and Covid free.

ACC Medlink is proud to announce the addition of a new line of elite medical sprinter vans to our long distance medical transport fleet. This addition will allow ACC Medlink to continue to provide superior service and outstanding care for those in need of medical transport out of state. Our limo-style med sprinters are stationed in strategic areas throughout the Midwest region of the United States. This enables ACC Medlink to respond rapidly to any of your needs for Midwest medical transport.

These elite medical transport vans are designed for comfort and luxury, they are spacious enough for family members to travel along, and even pets. The luxurious leather captains’ chairs and 8” memory foam mattress provides ultimate relaxation for your long-distance trip. The vehicles are also equipped with wi-fi and TV/DVD player to keep you entertained.

Safe for Medical Transport
Safe for Medical Transport

ACC Medlink offers new vehicles which are staffed with an experienced, professional, and compassionate medical team who value nothing more than patient care and safety. ACC Medlink provides two drivers per trip that rotate shifts to transport you to your destination quickly and safely. ACC Medlink’s customized Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Vans offer the longest list of safety technology in the class.

Midwest Elite Medical Transport

If you or a loved one is in need of interstate medical transportation, then please contact one of our transport specialists at (800) 550-1025 to arrange your trip or request a quote online.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Verified Compliance

ACC Medlink is authorized to conduct interstate passenger transportation by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration which mandates specific levels of insurance coverage, as well as, complicity with other Federal requirements. ACC Medlink is in full compliance with these standards and insurance requirements. Any and all entities conducting interstate passenger transportation must be registered as a Federal Motor Carrier.

Air Transport
When a person is unable to obtain the specialized care that they need, they will become a medical tourist and travel to another country. This may require the use of an air ambulance to ensure comfort and safety during the journey. The process of planning a trip and hiring an air ambulance can seem overwhelming. The following tips will help the provider give the best possible service before and during the flight.

1. Choose a Destination

Before contacting an air ambulance provider, the person should consult with their medical team to determine where the best possible care can be obtained. Aside from the necessary medical paperwork, the individual should make sure their passport is current and start the application process for any required visas well before the trip. Having all the documents in one place will help both the person and the air ambulance provider avoid any difficulties along the way.

2. Do Thorough Research

The choice of an air ambulance provider is just as vital as choosing the right doctor for appropriate treatment and care. Before making a commitment, the following questions should be asked:
Is the right aircraft available?  The provider should have several different types of aircraft available to take individuals wherever they need to go. Make sure to confirm the size of the aircraft available and the ability to accommodate any family members or other extra passengers that may be traveling.
Will an experienced medical team travel with the person?  The medical team should be based on patient’s needs and may include a respiratory therapist, a critical care nurse, or in some cases, a doctor on the flight. The aircraft should also be able to accommodate any extra specialists that are required under certain circumstances.

3. Have Paperwork Ready

Medical Transport Air Ambulance

The person should provide the air ambulance provider with all the necessary paperwork and medical data required for the flight. This will all support the patient in receiving the Best Care in the Air®. All passports with Visas should be kept together in an accessible place, as they will be needed immediately upon arriving in a foreign country.

4. Pack the Right Items

An air medical transport carries a great deal of necessary equipment to support patients in flight. This means there is not much space available for personal luggage, and the individual will need to pack their essentials efficiently. In most cases, the person should pack comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that can be easily removed if needed. It is also a good idea to bring any products or snacks that may not be available at the destination, even if the travel is restricted to North America. A book or tablet computer will help to pass the long hours if the person is conscious.

5. Arrange Ground Transport


The purpose of an air ambulance is to transport a person from one place to another. While some providers will arrange ground transport
for both the originating and the destination airports, the individual must ensure that this service will be available.

The goal is to have a comfortable, seamless experience with all medical needs met from start to finish.

Traveling by air ambulance does not have to be scary or stressful. By planning carefully and following the tips above, the journey is sure to be a success.

Choosing a long distance medical transport service


One of the more unique services offered to patients now is long distance patient transport. Long distance travel of this nature is normally for those patients who are obviously not in an emergency assistance situation. Such patients generally need to be transported to a facility that is less than 24 hours away and require a nurse or medic present to dispense medication and/or need to be transported in a stretcher.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a medical transport service. We have listed some of the most important reasons below:

ACC Medlink Transporter compare to a MinivanInside Headroom of an ACC Medlink Transporter

Only the Best Care


During this time of need, when you are seeking only the best in medical transport services, it is important to find the service provider with experience and expertise. ACC Medlink is that service provider. If it is important to you, it is more important to us.

We want to earn your trust as we provide your loved one or patient the best care during their time with us. As this is a stressful time, we want to alleviate your concerns, and bring you peace of mind. ACC Medlink’s transport coordinators and medical staff will assist you with every step in the medical transportation process and treat you like family. If you demand the best in long distance medical ground transport, call ACC Medlink for your medical transport services.

personal touch

The Medical Transport Services from St. Pete to Anywhere in the Country Experience

Our Sprinter series transporter provides the most inviting interior for passengers to settle into and makes our medical transportation fleet second to none.

Compassionate Care Medical Transport

Compassionate Care

Medical professional on-board every trip.

Very Spacious & Comfortable

Lots of room for family and pets. Extra beds for family.

8″ Memory Foam Mattress

Our mattress is the most comfortable in the industry.

Leather Captain Chairs

Plush captains chairs with dual
armrests for the ultimate in luxury.

Don’t settle for less than the best for your loved one or patient – request a quote today!

At ACC Medlink, it is our mission to ensure safety and ride quality for our patients. Therefore, we have established consistent practices designed to improve the performance and safety of our vehicles.

Our team of certified mechanics perform scheduled preventive maintenance tasks to ensure our transporters are safe and reliable. Additionally, we are continuously updating our vehicles with the latest technology and the most comfortable mattresses and materials.

ACC Medlink’s extensively large fleet allows us to maintain and remodel our transporters on a rotating schedule. Two of our transporters were remodeled this week, adding new upholstery, new floors, lights and much more…

Don’t settle for less than the best for your loved one or patient – request a quote today!

Although the thought of being transported in a large RV Motorhome vehicle with a built in restroom
Sounds ideal. There are many considerations that should be made especially considering safety.

Did you know that RVs are not DOT approved for medical transportation?

RV Motorhomes are basically stick homes built on top of a truck chassis. An accident in one could cause injuries and death to many.

RVs or Class A motorhomes are not subjected to the same extensive crash worthiness safety requirements as automobiles.

RVs are Not Safe for Medical Transport

“The typically relatively small Class A motor home builder will then essentially build a stick-built home on top of that truck chassis. Unlike the extensive crash worthiness safety requirements for automobiles, the RV manufacturers may have little or no legal crashworthiness standards which apply to their work.”

(HENNING, 2013)

ACC Medlink offers long distance medical vans, which are fully equipped to meet your needs and ensure the most comfortable ride. Whether the patient can sit up or is restricted to a bed, our staff will make the necessary accommodations. We can even accommodate several family members and pets.

Our Mercedes Sprinter transporters are the only DOT vehicles in the entire industry approved for this type of transport.

ACC Medlink is approved by the DOT fr safe medical transport

Any and all entities conducting interstate passenger transportation must be registered as a Federal Motor Carrier.

Every part of our medical transportation services is aimed at your comfort and safety, but there are several things you can do to help make the ride as smooth as possible when using ACC Medlink.

1. Prepare for your ride.

Be sure to take some time before your journey to pack what you’ll need. Forgetting an item at home can be time-consuming or inconvenient during and after the transportation. Consider making a checklist so you don’t have to worry about items when you’re focusing on the most important part of your ride-you! When traveling with our long-distance non-emergency medical transportation service, we ask that you have a two-day supply of medication at pickup as your medical transport team will not have your medication on hand.

A few items that are good to remember to include when packing are:
Reading glasses.
Dietary supplements.
Cell Phone and Cell Phone Charger.

2. Keep The Drivers and Medical Aware Of All Needs

Before and during your state to state medical transportation be sure to notify the drivers and medical professional of any needs:

Food and Beverages: along the way we do provide quick meals such as subs, salads, soups, or fast food for patients and their family. We also have a snack tray and cooler on board the medical transport ambulance. When the need for food arises simply notify the crew and they will find food close to the route they are on.

Comfort Needs: Blankets, Pillows, Sheets, and even a Electric Blanket are all stocked in the vehicle and for your use at all times throughout the transport.

3. Notify crew ahead of time for any special request.

If the patient or family have any small request please notify the transportation specialist ahead of time to ensure crew has enough time to accommodate your request for your long distance medical transport. If you like a specific kind of movie, drink, or snack.

4. Let the drivers drive.

After you’ve spoken to the driver and settled in, let him or her do their job and get you to your destination. It’s always fine to converse with your driver as you travel the long distance, but remember that their focus is the road and keeping you and your family safe. This will ensure your medical transport is as efficient and comfortable as possible.

ACC Medlink cares about you and your medical transport needs and wants you to stay safe, comfortable, and delighted with our transportation services. We offer a variety of services that meet different levels of needs. Our long distance non-emergency transport is accompanied with caring and dedicated personnel who can help with personal hygiene, comfort needs, and much more. Find caring and highly trained medical professionals on our long distance ambulance service. Our state-to-state medical transport offers vehicles that are equipped with your comfort in mind and includes amenities such as entertainment and extra beds for family. Our worldwide air medical services serve patients ranging from those needing basic care up to critical care, and are delivered with continual bedside medical crew assistance. Another option for medical transportation is with our commercial medical escort service. All levels of care required are considered and respected, and it’s our mission to provide you with comfort, privacy, and excellent care no matter how long your journey.