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Factors affecting Air Ambulance cost

Air ambulances seem rather expensive and may not be covered by the insurance offered by most service providers. However, there are still low-cost air ambulances that are affordable and reliable for medical air transport. The following are factors that determine the cost of air ambulances. Distance to be covered by the air ambulance The distance […]


Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT)

Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) and How it Works We all need medical attention from time to time. But sometimes, transporting ourselves or loved ones for medical appointments might present some challenges. In some cases, the medical condition isn’t life-threatening, which means the patient can take their time to get therapy. Non-emergency medical transport is a […]


Medical Transport State to State

When to Use State to State Medical Transport Services When a person requires specialized care or treatment at a distant medical facility, a state to state medical transport service is often the ideal transport method. Most interstate medical transport services have the right kind of medical vehicle and personnel on board to safely and conveniently […]


Considering – Long Distance Medical Transport

What to Know About Long Distance Medical Transport Sometimes people need to travel to or from a health facility or home despite health challenges due to age or illness. And it may be necessary they have medical care during the journey and be transported as gently as the condition requires. Using general commercial transport is […]



Depending on your needs and mobility, there are various forms of medical transport services that allow patients to save time and money while ensuring that they reach their destination with utmost comfort and ease. Below are some different types of medical transportation: Ambulance transportation: This is the most common form of medical transport service and […]



ACC Medlink is committed to the safety and health of all our patients and crew. Given the coronavirus’s unfortunate spread, we recognize the need for extra vigilance and care for the safety and well-being of our patients and staff. We continuously adapt and review our Covid-19 policy and procedures according to the latest government guidelines. […]


Four Considerations to Make Before Choosing A State to State Medical Transport Company

Medical transport services serve the purpose of transporting patients over short and long distances alike. Of all categories of medical transport services, state-to-state medical transport is perhaps the trickiest. They are tricky because moving patients over long distances would usually involve more delicate measures than would be needed if the patient were to be transported […]


All You Need to Know About Commercial Medical Escorts

When the thought of flying in or repatriating an injured or sick person comes up, the first thing that naturally comes to mind is an air ambulance. While air ambulances are the most common way of transporting patients by air, commercial medical escorts have also grown in popularity in the last decade. What Is Commercial […]